The value of terrible music

As of late I have been reliant on Pandora for my background music needs when I write and do homework.

I have been described by a good friend of mine as a hipster when it comes to my tastes in music and movies. Once I actually said, “Oh it’s a cover of ‘Moon Over Bourbon Street’ by this Korean indie band.” I said that as if it was the most natural and normal thing to say. He responded appropriately by telling me that was the most hipster sentence he’s ever heard. This friend is like my shoulder devil telling me to stop being a hipster and to keep me in check the next time I roll my eyes at someone’s terrible taste in entertainment. I recently told him this tidbit and he’s never felt so honored to be someone’s shoulder devil.

However when I know I need to get shit done I listen to 90’s pop music. I do love 90’s pop but in retrospect, I only really enjoy it for the catchy beat and nostalgia. Most of the lyrics are vapid and lack any sort of meaning, but damn I love me some Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC. The occasional bit of “good music” does pop up in my dedicated Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC Pandora stations, but most of the stuff that comes up is on a rotational loop. Sometimes you just need catchy, familiar music from childhood to get your bum into pumping out a 10 page paper reiterating information you just learned an hour ago.

One response to “The value of terrible music

  1. knowing about music isn’t “hipster.” i’m an old punk, and musical knowledge was considered vital. the term “hipster” seems to be thrown out when people are ignorant of something and need an easy way out.

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